Be Careful With Plugs & Cords

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Most of us use outlets and plugs every day. These common-sense tips are a good reminder.

  • Grasp the plug, not the cord, to remove a power cord from an outlet
  • Never use nails or staples to attach a cord
  • Don’t kink, twist, bind, or walk on power cords
  • Check your appliances periodically to make sure cords are in good condition
  • Repair or replace cords that are damaged or brittle
  • Three-pronged plugs absolutely need that grounding pin – never try to remove it
  • Put plastic safety caps in all unused wall outlets
  • Select an extension cord that is properly rated for your intended use
  • Never overload extension cords or wall sockets
  • Choose extension cords that are certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, such as UL, CSA, or ETA

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